Cookies are small pieces of tracking code that record information about customer behaviour. They do not tell us any information about you individually, but help us to view overall patterns of page visits to our website, and where we can make improvements. For example, it tells us which pages are popular or those that need improving (shown by a high exit rate).


There are a number of options available so that you do not have to store any cookies at all.

You can either set your browser so that it will not accept and store any cookies, or allow only certain ‘trusted’ sites to store cookies on your computer. It is worth bearing in mind that if you decide to delete all of your cookies, then you will likely have to re-enter all of your usernames and passwords on all of the sites that you visit, which will take you longer when shopping.

The Information Commissioner’s Office provides further useful and practical information on cookies and their use HERE.


Session: First Party: Used by Google Analytics to track user count of visits to a site, when a first visit was, and a last visit.

Persistent, lasts for 2 years. __utmb Session: First Party: Used by Google Analytics to track exactly when a user visits a site.

Persistent, lasts for 30 minutes. __utmc Session: First Party: Used by Google Analytics to track exactly when a user leaves a site.

Session only, expires on browser quit. __utmz Session: First Party: Used by Google Analytics to track how a user got to this site (where from), what link was used, what part of the world.

Persistent, lasts for 6 months.

We use Google Analytics cookies (_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz) to hold information about your visit to


The sole cookie used by The Caverswall English China Company is google analytics. This just tells us about average customer behaviour and nothing about any individual.

We use this information to find out how our website is performing to meet customer needs, just like we would in reviewing the layout of our retail shops. If you decide to opt out of cookies your shopping experience would be largely unchanged, it would just not tell us the sections of the site you like and those we could improve.