Evesham Gold Dinner Plate 27cm


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Restrained, but with a hint of sparkle, the Evesham Gold range is an exquisite dinner set that combines the traditional luxury with latter-day minimalism. The gold edge blends exceptionally with the brilliant white to form a collection that is striking in its understated beauty. As with all our dinner sets, these pieces are crafted with extreme precision, skill and care, with each item being handmade by our craftsmen. Employing only the most tested and traditional methods of English craftsmanship, we aim to have created a dinner set that will blend seamlessly into any home.

Before we even taste our food, our expectations are aroused and taste buds awakened by the appearance of the dish. The finest cuisine is always improved by stylish tableware and our Evesham Gold 27cm dinner plate is designed to display any dish to optimum effect.

Dimensions:   D: 27cm (10 ¾”)