Alfresco Teapot


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A beautiful range for those with more colourful tastes, the Alfresco collection is distinguished by its striking, yet restrained, vibrancy. The Alfresco teapot is decorated with intricately detailed foliage, this collection is perfect for those with a love of the natural world, or those who simply wish to add a splash of exquisite colour to their dinner sets. Made in the heart of England’s Potteries, this collection is crafted according to the highest standards of workmanship that are ensured by our adherence to only the most delicate, traditional and proven techniques.

Holding 50 fluid ounces and designed to pour perfectly, our Alfresco teapot should encourage the tradition of taking oneʼs time to savour the pleasure of tea.

Capacity:   1.4 l (50 fl oz)